Aspen Art Museum

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project at a glance

Turner provided preconstruction and construction management services for the 30,000 square foot Aspen Art Museum, which features 12,500 square feet of exhibition space—including six galleries, one of which acts as a black box theatre—as well as an education classroom, museum shop, and café.

The facility consists of four floors, with one level below grade and three levels above grade, and includes key design elements that achieve architect Shigeru Ban’s vision for the new facility as a state-of-the-art space to experience the museum’s mission of bringing contemporary art to Aspen and visitors from around the globe. These elements include a grand staircase along the South Spring Street side of the building that allows for natural blending of the outdoor and the interior spaces of the museum to create contemplative and relaxing breaks between gallery spaces infused with natural light; a “moving room” glass elevator; a woven exterior screen and roof structure that allows the building to remain a transparent facility that will marry interior and exterior spaces; and a rooftop sculpture terrace facing Aspen’s picturesque main skiing/ snowboarding mountain, Ajax Mountain.

Additional design elements also include an on-site artist studio, administrative offices and conference room, and a loading dock and freight elevator in the alley. A new AAM assures Aspen an architecturally appropriate, environmentally sound, and culturally significant venue for art in the core of Aspen and a vital arts space worthy of both Aspen’s important cultural history and its promising future within the national and international art community.

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