University Center of Chicago

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The University Center of Chicago (UCC) is an eighteen-story student residence. The 702,000 square foot, multi-university student dormitory houses 1,700 students and is the nation’s largest multi-university dorm. The dormitory was a joint venture between three of Chicago’s prominent institutions of higher learning - Columbia College, DePaul University, and Roosevelt University.  The three colleges created the Educational Advancement Fund, a not-for-profit-corporation to develop and maintain the building.  The facility has 28,000 square feet of retail space occupying the first floor.  The second floor contains 30,000 square feet of student amenities, including lounges, offices, media and game rooms, laundry, and conference rooms.  Some residences are located on the third floor which also contains a great room and a 20,000 square foot park area with trees, plants and benches.  From floors four through eighteen are two-student semi-suites, two-bedroom units with a shared bath on the north side of the building, and four student, four bedroom apartments on the south.

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