The Arctic Ring of Life and National Amphibian Conservation Center

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The 2.4-acre polar bear exhibit and 12,000 square foot amphibian center at the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit takes visitors on a trek to the North Pole. Guests experience the tundra, open sea and pack ice of the Arctic environment, and the animals that are distinctively adapted to life there.

There is a 70-foot-long clear underwater tunnel that winds through a vast marine environment. This Polar Passage, which is a twelve feet wide and eight feet tall takes visitors underneath diving and swimming polar bears and seals. The Nunavut gallery, an indoor viewing area adjacent to the Polar Passage, displays Inuit art and artifacts as visitors come face-to-face with breathtaking views of underwater fur seals and bears.

The National Amphibian Conservation Center (NACC) features hundreds of amphibians and highlights the critical role these fascinating creatures play in the world.  The 12,000 square foot facility is fully integrated into a two-acre Michigan wetland area and pond.

The NACC explores concepts of evolution, conservation, biodiversity and extinction. Exhibiting, as many as 1,000 amphibians, the NACC includes rarities like the world’s largest salamanders (reaching five feet and 50 pounds) and the most unusual frogs and toads.

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