Eastern Michigan University, Indoor Athletic Practice Facility

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Inflated to a size of 4,355,288 cubic feet and supported by a dual fan, redundant air handler, the Indoor Athletic Practice Facility is a 410 foot long and 210 foot wide, 75 foot tall air-supported structure featuring a 1,000 square foot welcome center and 100-space parking lot.

The approximately 86,000 square feet of interior space can be configured into football, soccer, baseball and softball fields for Eastern Michigan University and local Ypsilanti community sports leagues.

The facility is the only one of its kind in Michigan and the Upper Midwest. Three million pounds of concrete securely anchor the dome and counteract the uplift pressure of 1,700 pounds per feet.

The Indoor Athletic Practice Facility was the winner of the 2011 Washtenaw Contractors Association (WCA) Pyramid Award for Best Project Team - an independent testiment to how well the entire team worked together to acheive overall success.

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