The Gateway

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The Gateway is a commercial development named for its strategic position as the entrance to Singapore's business district. At the time of completion in 1990, the structures were considered to be one of the most technologically-advanced complexes in the country. 

The two 37,500 square meter towers rise 37 stories, and include a computer-based building management system, 15 elevators in each tower and a comprehensive fire protection system.

One of the buildings' most distinctive features, aside from the parallelogram shape, is the glass and metal facade. The aluminum curtain wall, glazed with tinted glass, is butt-jointed with a silicone compound to each floor, forming a continuous vision panel. The plaza and external areas, with their extensive fountains, are finished with hewn slate and granite. The concourse level boasts a stunning black granite floor with stainless steel and aluminum cladding on walls and columns.

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