WPP Denver Colocation

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project at a glance

the WPP Denver Colocation project is 14,000 square feet for four operating companies of WPP Group USA, Inc. Notable design features include clean and modern black and white spaces with pops of color in the form of colored, laminated glass walls and sliding doors throughout the space to define each group’s space. 

Glass walls enclose huddle rooms and meeting spaces throughout the space and adjacent accent walls in the same colors tie the areas together.  Full height graphics are installed on the glass to bring a sense of branding to the space. The main reception area has a black and white plank glass terrazzo floor.  A glass wall with rear-projection film displays graphics in motion via a projector behind each agency’s logo. 

The main conference room has a custom made louver assembly as well as black-out shades and blinds to offer maximum flexibility for audio-visual presentations.  Plasma TV screens and an audio-visual system are integrated into the entire workspace.  Unique pendant light fixtures also bring personality to each huddle space.  The Break Room has a stainless steel mosaic tile backsplash and there are white Zodiaq countertops throughout the space.  The lounge area has 15’ of backlit black glass on one side with white glass on the other.  Both sides have a patterned acrylic overlay on the glass to add dimension.  The space is finished off with sleek furniture and white workstations.

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