Turner Prize

Turner marked its centennial milestone with the creation of the Henry C. Turner Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Construction. Beginning in 2002, the merit highlights an invention, a new methodology or an exceptional display of leadership by a company or individual in the field of construction technology. 

CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training is honored for its efforts to promote and improve safety conditions for workers in the construction industry.

SBP is honored for their lean, efficient approach to repairing, reinforcing, and rebuilding houses in the aftermath of natural disasters--which shortens the time it takes for families to come home-- as well as for their work to increase the resilience of homes, businesses, and communities at risk for disasters, and provide guidance through the recovery process.

DiscoverE Future City Competition is honored for their dedication to inspiring and developing a passionate, informed, and STEM-literate workforce for the 21st century -- an ever-more diverse and inclusive pool of designers, engineers, and builders to lead the architecture, engineering, and construction industry into the future.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is honored  for its long history of leadership in facilitating research and promoting education, as well as for its invaluable contributions to the building industry, which has benefited from the Council’s work related to tall buildings and urban planning issues around the world. Watch a short video about the Turner Prize.

The Pennsylvania State University Architectural Engineering Department 
 is honored for bringing together students, professors, industry professionals, and city officials in a broad range of collaborative efforts that encourage energy-efficient building solutions. 

Lean Construction Institute (LCI) 
 is honored for helping to transform the construction industry through lean project delivery, and influencing the industry demand for lean construction.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
 received the Turner Prize because of its more than 60-year history of giving women engineers a unique place and voice within the engineering industry. The Society currently serves more than 22,000 members and is a proponent of strengthening science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for women. 

Caterpillar Inc.
 was honored for developing innovative products to meet the emerging technical and market challenges of the construction industry.

Engineers Without Borders-USA
 was honored for its notable work connecting engineering students with international development projects. The organization leads efforts to provide clean water, sustainable energy, and needed infrastructure to communities across the world while also instilling a sense of global responsibility in the next generation of engineers.


Dr. Charles H. Thornton
 founded the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program, which introduces high school students to careers in the building arts and sciences.

Gehry Partners and Gehry Technologies
 pushed the boundaries of construction and engineering technology and created some of the world’s most recognizable architecture by leveraging software and computer animated design.

Dr. Paul Teicholz
 carried the architecture, construction, and engineering fields into the information age through his development and integration of information technology into building and design. In 1988, Teicholz founded the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University, the premier research center for architecture and AEC computer applications. He is currently professor emeritus of civil engineering at Stanford University and a noted industry consultant.

 United States Green Building Council earned the Turner Prize for its promotion of sustainable design/build practices and the development of the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System that measures a building’s environmental performance.

Charles A. DeBenedittis
, senior managing director for design and construction for Tishman Speyer, was recognized for his extraordinary 50-year career as a leader in the construction industry and for his role as a prime mover behind the introduction of construction management in the 1960s.

I. M. Pei 
was honored for his role as an architect who has worked closely with engineers and contractors to create buildings that set new standards for construction quality. Among his designs included the Le Grand Louvre renovation in Paris, and the JFK Library in Boston.

Leslie E. Robertson
 received the award for his responsibilities pertaining to the structural design and construction of three of the world's six tallest buildings at the time, including the World Trade Center in New York and the Shanghai World Financial Center. His career as a structural engineer advanced the construction of skyscrapers around the world. 


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