Turner Construction Company, AC Martin and HGA Design-Build Team Selected for Major Renovation of Existing Resources Building

September 29, 2021

Continuing to Provide Design-Build Services to California DGS State Project Infrastructure Fund Program in Downtown Sacramento

Sacramento, CA – The Turner Construction Company/AC Martin/Hammel, Green and Abrahamson, Inc. team (Turner+AC Martin+HGA) looks to move forward with the $380 million, progressive design-build Resources Building Renovation Project with the State of California Department of General Services. This project involves a comprehensive teardown of the 17-story 657,000-square-foot building located at 1416 9th Street in downtown Sacramento.

Originally built in 1964, the Resources Building has long been on the State’s Project Infrastructure Fund program plan to address the health and safety of the Building occupants and to extend the useful life and viability of the building by correcting the fire/life safety deficiencies and completely upgrading all infrastructure systems.

“With a deep commitment to social equity and enduring, impactful design, the Turner+AC Martin+HGA team is excited for the opportunity to transform the Resources Building into an inspiring and modern work environment for the tenant agencies of the State of California to do their best work and to be proud of their service to California’s government,” says Beth Young, Vice President and Sacramento Office Director, HGA.

The building is expected to be occupied by approximately 2500 staff from multiple State departments including but not limited to Labor and Workforce Development Headquarters, Employment Development Department, and Better Jobs and Higher Wages along with onsite DGS Facilities Management Division staff, in the spring of 2025.

“Our team, comprised of leaders in Progressive Design-Build delivery, stewards of sustainability, and guardians of Sacramento’s rich history, is ecstatic to build on the success of the entire State Project Infrastructure Fund program and transform the Resources Building into a sustainable workforce HUB,” says Dan Wheeler, Turner’s Design-Build Executive and Vice President.

Turner, AC Martin and HGA have a long history of successful collaboration, including Turner and AC Martin’s 50-year history of award-winning design-build projects; and Turner and HGA’s team experience of more than $1 billion worth of complex projects. All three firms are celebrating recent State Project Infrastructure Fund project completions - New Natural Resources Headquarters (Turner+AC Martin as the Design-Build Entity) and Clifford L. Allenby Building (HGA as the Criteria Architect) – and will push best practices and lessons learned forward to the Renovation Project.

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