Turner Celebrates Black History Month

February 11, 2021

The History:
Beginning in the late 1760s, the site was part of Gadsden’s Wharf, the disembarkation point for tens of thousands of enslaved Africans brought to the U.S. until federal law shut down the slave trade in 1808. As many as 80% of African Americans alive today can trace their ancestry to those brought ashore at the Charleston wharf, making it, in the words of historian Henry Louis Gates, “ground zero” for Black history.

"Blackness, black culture, the African experience, the African-American experience, slavery, however you want to slice it, this is ground zero,” said Henry Louis Gates, Jr, American Historian and Filmmaker, of Gadsden’s Wharf in the city of Charleston.

Turner Construction Company is partnering with Brownstone Construction Group, a minority-owned South Carolina firm, and consultant McKissack & McKissack to construct this iconic building with a project completion scheduled for late 2021.

"The Turner team is proud to have a part in bringing this important project to realization,” said Turner’s Community and Citizenship Director, Kym Gardner. “This is a project that has been contemplated for more than a decade, which is apparent in the number of supporters present to celebrate the start of construction.” Gardner continued, “We aim to do our part in sharing business opportunity so as we build, we are working to have the Charleston community involved as much as possible."

"I am beyond filled with joy to be a part of such a powerful project that will showcase African American history and allow people to trace their lineage,” said Bri’Shae Anderson, Turner Engineer.

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