Turner Launches Pilot Program to Field Test an Advanced Mobility Robot: Spot

November 19, 2020

Turner recently launched a pilot program to field test the capabilities of an advanced mobility robot – Spot – that can safely traverse construction sites carrying customized technological integrations. The pilot kicked off on the 550 Washington Street project in New York City. 

Turner is testing Spot’s ability to conduct routine site walks and automate tasks like site laser scanning and progress monitoring. Scan data captured by Spot will enable Turner teams to efficiently track construction progress, conduct rapid QA/QC checks, and update as-built BIM models to provide clients with true digital twins of their facilities at turnover.

“Pairing the most advanced mobile robot in the world with the latest reality capture technologies brings the future of automated construction workflows to the jobsite of today,” said Jim Barrett, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer. ”We are truly excited at the opportunity to unlock the potential of these innovations to the benefit of our project stakeholders.”

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