Stony Brook University Alternate Care Facility

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project at a glance

In-conjunction with the USACE, Turner led the design-build of a field hospital located on Stony Brook University’s campus in Suffolk County, Long Island. The field hospital, which occupies several acres is comprised of 5 tents totaling 220,000 square feet. Completed within 21-days the expedited project adds 1,028 beds to Stony Brook University Hospital’s capacity. 270 of additional beds are designated for Covid patients, and the balance are for low-acuity.
To begin, the team created a rotating schedule with every team members health at the forefront. Extensive MEPs were integrated to complete the free-standing tents, a total of (44) 18,000 CFM DX Air Handling Units with electric duct mounted heaters provide heating and cooling to the (5) tents; units are located outside the perimeter of each tent. The electrical distribution system is served from generators as the normal source of power. Each tent is served from a 2,000 kW generator with an additional offline 2,000 kW generator provided to allow for maintenance and possible interruption of service. Three (3) 15,000 gallon domestic water reserve tanks supply water to a triplex domestic water booster pump which feeds a new sprinkler distribution main. Central electric domestic hot water storage heaters are provided for each tent. A fourth 15,000 gallon fire reserve tank feeds the wet sprinkler system. Because utility connection is not available, mobile water delivery trucks will fill the four (4) 15,000 gallon storage tanks. In conjunction with FEMA, New York State, Army National Guard, Design Team, Trade Partners, & Stony Brook the team implemented a Lean approach to complete the job on time to service the healthcare needs of our state.

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