Nashville General Hospital at Meharry Medical College

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Located on the Meharry Medical College Campus, this project involved the conversion of Nashville General Hospital’s 8th-floor level into 40-bed COVID-19 acute care facility. Negotiated with the Nashville branch of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Turner demolished 15,000 square feet of 8th-floor storage space—currently housing hospital beds and medical equipment—and built a series of three-wall single-patient rooms. Separated by partitions, each room is designed for negative-pressure air to ensure the containment of COVID-19.

Turner also built the infrastructure on the second floor to create negative-pressure air space for 24 existing beds—as well as new HVAC to support the entire 24,000 square feet of COVID-19 treatment rooms.

Rebuilt in 1931 and again in 1976, the hospital has undergone a series of renovations and is fully operational. The 8th floor is sandwiched between a secure ward for inmate treatment on the 7th floor and office space on the 9th floor. In addition to the standard challenges that accompany renovating the interior of a fully-operational hospital, the Turner team will be working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a fast-track schedule, completing the entire project in less than a month.

Accelerated logistics planning and clear communication regarding Infection Control Risk Assessment, Interim Life Safety Measures, and COVID-19 building protocol—combined with three-worker Turner shifts and two, 12-hour trade shifts, have enabled immediate, steady progress.

Turner completed similar fast-track projects in Chicago, Illinois and Portland, Seattle, and will be applying lessons learned from those jobs, as well as coordinating with Turner’s national Federal and Healthcare resources.

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