Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial

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The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, designed to invoke the memory and spiritual presence of Dr. King, uses natural elements—stone, water and trees—to underscore the themes of democracy, justice, hope and love.  
Inspired by a line from the I Have a Dream speech, “Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope,” the memorial features a 30-foot, white granite statue of Dr. King, the Stone of Hope, standing before two other large granite pieces that symbolize the Mountain of Despair. Approaching the memorial, visitors pass through the Mountain of Despair to approach the Stone of Hope.
The memorial also includes a 194-ton (2,350 cubic foot) granite wall inscribed with quotations from Dr. King’s sermons and speeches, nearly 200 American elm and Yoshino cherry trees, more than 16,800 big blue liriope plantings, and a variety of water features to encourage reflection, contemplation, and quiet mediation as visitors pass through the memorial.

Make a 3D print of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial.

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