Seton Medical Office Building

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The Seton Medical Office Building (MOB II) is a four-story, 112,000 square foot structure that will include 75,000 square feet of tenant improvements. The foundations are drilled piers with a steel frame structure. The exterior skin is a masonry veneer consisting of brick, Arriscraft stone, and storefront punched openings.

This work is part of the third phase of the Middle Tennessee Medical Center Replacement Hospital project, preceded by the DePaul medical office building and the Middle Tennessee Medical Center Replacement Hospital. The first floor of the Seton Medical Office Building has been leased to MCI Radiology, Murfreesboro Diagnostics Imaging, and MTMC TN Oncology.  This first floor will house nuclear imaging equipment such as CT Scans, X-Ray, and PET scans. Additionally, the MCI Radiology space will house two linear accelerators.

The second floor has been leased to the St. Thomas Heart Group and will include a Heart Clinic, Cardiology Diagnostics Center, and Wellness Center. The third floor of the facility has been leased by MTMC TN Oncology. This space will be occupied mostly by exam rooms and open outpatient type infusion therapy. The fourth floor will be partially occupied by MTMC’s Wound Care, Palliative Care, and a Congestive Heart Failure Center. The Wound Care group will be comprised of three hyperbaric chambers and multiple exam rooms. The Palliative Care and Congestive Hear Failure groups will consist of Consultation, Office, and Training type spaces.

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