Benefits of Lean Construction

Lean is focused on eliminating waste through continuous improvement and respect for people.

At Turner, we see things differently. While many believe lean thinking only applies to manufacturing, that lean it is just a set of tools, or that it is a new label for what we have been doing for years. However, Turner is adapting lean methodologies used in some of the most progressive and successful companies to the construction industry.

What does that really mean? It means focusing on eliminating waste through continuous improvement. It means demonstrating respect for the people who do the work. It means addressing problems at their root cause, at the point of occurrence. It means developing people through continuous coaching.

To support our focus on continuous improvement and value, Turner leverages the Last Planner® System to provide reliable production planning in alignment with our schedule commitments. In addition to the Last Planner System, Turner implements target value deign, visual management, robust 5s programs, 3 and 4D BIM, off site construction, and fact based problem solving to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Case Study:


Three White Flint North     Nationwide Children's Hospital        Temecula Valley Hospital


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