Steve Garrett, Superintendent, Recognized by AGC

June 19, 2017

The Associated General Contractors of Washington recently recognized Steve Garrett, a superintendent in Seattle, as the Superintendent of the Year.

Whether he's coordinating with the Seattle Department of Transportation to reduce neighborhood traffic congestion around his project, creating co-training/drilling opportunities for Turner and the Seattle Fire Department, mentoring young carpenters through the Carpenters Union, or coaching his sons' soccer teams (they are four and seven) Steve's family, friends, managers and co-workers know he's passionate about safety.

 One such person is Jeremy Taylor, safety director for Turner's office in Seattle. "What consistently impresses me about Steve is how he questions conventional ways of building," he said. "He is not content to just build, he wants to improve the process. He also recognizes that the way to improve is to listen to and engage with the front line workers to understand what's working and what's not."

 Derrick Reid, a site safety manager who has worked closely with Steve over the last year, also emphasized Steve's dedication to becoming an ever-better builder -- and his generosity as a mentor, consigliere, and supporter. "A commitment to helping others succeed and improve is a key characteristic of Steve’s leadership, he said. "He believes in empowering the people around him to take ownership and responsibility for their work. Throughout the last year, having Steve’s support, both through words and action, has empowered me to elevate my expectations, standards, and performance as a safety manager."

 Recently, Jeremy was co-conducting a Building L.I.F.E. training with Steve, addressing a group of 25 Turner carpenters and laborers. During a discussion of the reasons workers take shortcuts, Steve stepped in, remembered Jeremy. "He told them 'If you need more time to work safely, I'll be your advocate and go to bat for you with the owner. If you need different equipment to work safely, just let me know. I own the schedule; you own doing the work safely. Don't take shortcuts in safety to keep up with the schedule.'" Continued Jeremy, "He makes sure everybody on site knows he has their backs when it comes to safety. It's inspiring, and makes me proud to be part of the same team."

 The AGC also recognized the Seattle office with their 2017 Safety Excellence Award for Building Contractors over 450,000 hours.?

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