Turner's Nashville Office Participates in 3rd Annual 50K Tree Day

March 15, 2016

??Turner’s office in Nashville, Tennessee, recently participated in their third annual 50K Tree Day, a yearly re-foresting blitz during which volunteers plant 50,000 trees across the state’s 95 counties.

“This year we planted more than 250 poplar, oak, red bud and Virginia pine trees along the bank of the Harpeth River, where the catastrophic Nashville flood of 2010 changed the watershed forever,” explained Justin Lanfair, a sustainability manager in the Nashville/Huntsville office. “High flood waters ripped up the trees that lined the bank, and without the stabilizing force of their roots, the banks have experienced further deterioration. As an avid fly fisherman and conservationist this is a very important issue for me.  The eroding soil fills the river with sediment which kills aquatic life and leads to low fish populations.”

In past years, the Turner team has also focused on the shores of the Harpeth, where they have planted more than 1,000 trees to date. “The trees we and the other volunteers plant each year are instrumental in holding the river bank in place and helping the river and surrounding ecosystems return to health,” added Justin.


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