Turner has established itself as a pioneer in construction industry sustainability.  We were the first construction company in the state of Washington to become a Salmon-Safe Certified Contractor. We have also implemented strict guidelines for every construction project; in 2013, Turner's Seattle office recycled over 90% of all jobsite project waste. Turner continually reviews internal operations to reduce our carbon footprint, and provide sustainability education to our local staff to implement cutting-edge, environmentally responsible practices whenever possible. 

Our local Green Steering Committee, established in 2008, stays current with sustainable design trends, pricing information and Lean Construction techniques. We ensure that all clients receive the most accurate information to achieve any sustainable goal. Our internal Office of Continuous Improvement works in tandem with our Green Steering Committee to maximize overall efficiency and reduce waste, both on construction jobsites and within our Seattle office. The Green Steering Committee also reviews internal operations to educate our subcontractors, brokers and other project partners on sustainable methods of construction.

Training our local staff in sustainable industry best practices and LEED certification is important to us. To date, our office has completed 4 LEED Platinum projects, 10 LEED Gold (one of which is Turner’s Seattle office), 15 LEED Silver, 4 LEED Certified projects, and 9 projects with significant green features, and we also have 40 LEED APs in our Seattle office.

To read more about Turner's commitment to green building and sustainability, please click here.


830 4th Avenue South, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 505-6600


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