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Turner School of Construction Management
Turner was among the first in the industry to promote opportunities for minority and woman-owned business enterprises. The Turner School of Construction Management, developed and implemented 40 years ago, offers free training seminars on subjects that impact growing firms owned by minorities and women. 

Meet the Primes and Procurement Fairs
Events like Turner's "Meet the Primes" and our Procurement Fairs give these firms the opportunity to bid on current projects and foster relationships that can lead to work. These efforts have helped developing firms become more stable, competitive and successful in the industry.

Turner began the YouthForce initiative in 1989, designed to reach out to K-12 students with a curriculum tailored towards the engineering and the building industry.

In New York City, YouthForce  offers many opportunities and programs, one of which is an $8,000 scholarship/ internship to five students each year. To be eligible, the student must maintain a 2.80 GPA and major in Civil/Electrical/Environmental/Mechanical Engineering, Construction Management or Architecture. The four-year internship at Turner begins immediately following the first full year of college. 

Click below to download the 2019 Turner YouthForce Scholarship Application


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New York

375 Hudson Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

Phone: (212) 229-6000


  • Charles Murphy

    Senior Vice President
    (212) 229-6275

  • Christopher Zegler

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6193

  • Charlie Whitney

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6063

  • Bert J. Rahm

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6043

  • Lisa Hickerson

    Manager, Business Development (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6434

  • Daniel Fine

    Vice President, General Manager (Interiors)

  • Sara N. Kendall

    Vice President, General Manager (Interiors)
    (212) 229-6123

  • Robert Krasowski

    Manager, Business Development (Interiors)
    (212) 229-6375

  • Stephanie Burns

    Vice President, Community & Citizenship
    (212) 229-6480

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