In our rapidly evolving industry, it is more important than ever to engage the right expertise, create a culture of transparency and collaboration and ultimately promote a team philosophy around continuous improvement and respect for people. Turner offers extensive experience and services with a range of delivery methods including:  

  • Preconstruction
  • Construction Management-At-Risk
  • General Contracting
  • Design-Build
  • Tenant Improvement Services
  • Self-Perform Operation
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
While each delivery method and project are unique, they challenge us to find innovative solutions and to build smarter, increase productivity and efficiencies and ultimately deliver on our promise to clients.

Preconstruction Services
Many significant decisions are made during the preconstruction phase of a project -- the phase in which budgets, plans, and schedules are set.  We view the process as a series of opportunities to anticipate and mitigate risks, add value, and minimize revisions.  Turner uses Building Information Modeling tools as well as other emerging technology to visualize project details, communicate about the project with all team members, and eliminate surprises.  Lead by Richard Leftwich, our team of 10 full time estimators and procurement agents are dedicated to managing the process from conceptual budget through the GMP and ultimately the subcontractor awards.  Our estimators specialize in civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical and interiors. 

Preconstruction planning meeting

Construction Management at Risk

Turner's approach to Construction Management at Risk is to serve both the client and the design team as a source of accurate and timely information from which decisions are made that influence the project cost, quality level and schedule. We coordinate our estimating, value engineering, scheduling and constructability knowledge with the design team's design activities.  We do this in the spirt of collaboration while creating a transparent and open-book approach to communication and information sharing from project inception through completion.

General Contracting
As a general contractor, Turner is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, overall safety and communication of information throughout the course of a building project.  These services are a common thread whether the project is hard lump sum bid or a negotiated delivery method.  Our onsite team is ultimately responsible to deliver a project that is safe, on time, with the target cost or budget and exceeds the client's expectations.

Turner integrates the construction and design team under a single contract to the client from early concept and feasibility studies through project completion.  Turner's portfolio of design-build projects includes aviation commercial, government, healthcare, industrial and education

Special Projects
Turner has a Special Project Division (SPD) that specializes in Tenant Improvements (TI) in new unoccupied spaces as well as within a working operation.   The (TI) portfolio demands a staff that is knowledgeable with this type of work, the demands of working in an occupied area, and the ability to collaborate with the client's furniture and technology vendors while delivering a completed project in a matter of weeks.  Our SPD focuses on (TI) projects from $50K to $10M.

Self-Perform Operations (SPO)
Turner's (SPO) group specializes in performing concrete, masonry, carpentry, demolition and general requirements both direct with clients and as a subcontractor to Turner's core operations.  This operation maintains a separate shop for staging of equipment and support staff.  This is part of our full-service approach to meeting our clients' needs by controlling the schedule, maintain a safe and clean environment, supplementing the work force if needed and addressing warranty needs on timely basis.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
Turner has collaborated with our clients and design teams on many forms of (IPD) from a full three party agreement to a modified form of partnership with a portion of our cost of services at risk.  This highly collaborative process can have a very positive outcome to a project creating a spirit of partnership and ultimately enhances the level of satisfaction for the end user.  We have several examples that we can share and have the experience to develop a program that fits your needs.  


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