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Turner Interiors is a leading contractor specializing in commercial build-outs and infrastructure upgrades for both private and public Fortune 500 Companies.  Under the direction of Bert Rahm, vice president and general manager, the New York Interiors team of 170 professionals completes more than $700 million of construction a year. 

Our dedicated and experienced Interiors staff understands project complexities, schedule requirements and the attention to detail, necessary to deliver impeccable environments. And our clients benefit from the financial stability and risk management resources of New York’s most trusted construction firm.  

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New York

375 Hudson Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

Phone: (212) 229-6000


  • Charles Murphy

    Senior Vice President
    (212) 229-6275

  • Christopher Zegler

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6193

  • Charlie Whitney

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6063

  • Bert J. Rahm

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6043

  • Lisa Hickerson

    Manager, Business Development (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6434

  • Daniel Fine

    Vice President, General Manager (Interiors)

  • Sara N. Kendall

    Vice President, General Manager (Interiors)
    (212) 229-6123

  • Nelly Vasquez

    Manager, Business Development (Interiors)
    (212) 229-6336

  • Stephanie Burns

    Vice President, Community & Citizenship
    (212) 229-6480

  • Gorguin Shaikoli

    Regional, Marketing Manager
    (212) 229-6223

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