Making a difference in the lives of our people, customers and community is a deeply rooted Turner tradition and belief. 

Throughout the year, our Columbus based staff graciously volunteer and support a variety of programs that focus on youth education, health and wellness, community and business outreach and environmental awareness. 


262 Hanover Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 984-3000


  • Brian Mooney

    Vice President & General Manager
    (614) 984-3000

  • Kyle Rooney

    Senior Vice President & Regional General Manager

    (614) 984-3000

  • Charles Egbert

    Vice President & Operations Manager
    (614) 984-3000

  • Matt Kunz

    Manager, Special Projects Division and Business Development
    (614) 984-3000

  • Mark Ogden

    Preconstruction Manager
    (614) 984-3000

  • Jonathan Dawkins

    Procurement Agent
    (614) 984-3000

  • Susan Vosper

    Marketing & Communications
    (614) 216-6070

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