Turner's first project in New England project was the 1909 renovation of Harvard University's sports stadium, which included adding the facility's now-iconic colonnade. The region has since become a vital part of Turner's business, with our Boston office leading the delivery of high-quality preconstruction, construction management and general building services to clients in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


Two Seaport Lane
Suite 200
Boston, MA 02210

Phone: (617) 247-6400


  • Peter Hamill

    Vice President & Regional General Manager, New England
    (617) 247-5518

  • Meaghan Hooper-Berdik

    Vice President & General Manager, Special Projects Division
    (617) 247-5550

  • Kent Kunkel

    Vice President & Development Manager
    (617) 247-5472

  • Maureen Kirkpatrick

    Vice President & Operations Manager
    (617) 247-5524

  • Doris Montgomery

    Regional Director of Human Resources
    (617) 247-5526

  • Chris Brinser

    Preconstruction Manager
    (617) 247-5560

  • Ben Stanton

    Procurement Manager
    (617) 247-5574

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Communications & Strategic Marketing Director
    (617) 247-5553

  • Alison Stanton

    Regional Director of Community & Citizenship
    (617) 247-5533

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  • Intern

    The purpose of the internship is to provide the student with supervised practice at the work site or in the office in the continuing daily operations of construction. Interns will assist the Engineer and/or the Superintendent in the field through assistance, coordination and distribution of information required to construct the project on time, within budget and to quality standard. The intern reports to the Project Engineer or Project Superintendent. 

    BOSTON, MA 02210

  • Scheduling Manager

    Prepares and maintains schedules, develops and reviews project baselines, monitors and tracks progress. Supports the project(s) in all other aspects of scheduling analysis and special studies. Supports Business Development and Marketing activities as they relate to proposed project scheduling.Reports to: Project Superintendent, Project Manager, Project Executive or Operations Manager

    BOSTON, MA 02101

  • Assistant Accountant - Op Finance

    Position Description: Provide quality administrative and financial services to the profit center/project.Reports to: Senior Accountant 

    BOSTON, MA 02110

  • Administrative Assistant

    General Provisions: The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to a department or business unit.

    BOSTON, MA 02210

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