Washington, D.C.

Annually, our office engages our local community in a Holiday Initiative program that serves to empower individuals, families and aid in improving their quality of life. This approach proves to be beneficial in offering life-changing opportunities that help establish strong communities.

The Washington, D.C. office has adopted families and provided support through a variety of social service agencies such as:

 •   Northern Virginia Family Service
 •   Arlington Street People's Assistance Network
 •   Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless
 •   Covenant House Washington
 •   St. Ambrose Outreach Center
 •   Arlington Department of Social Services

The program starts the first week of November and runs through mid-December as a team of Holiday Elves work to fulfill the Wish List of their assigned adoptee(s). Gifts are collected, organized and delivered to families during the third week of December.

The generosity of our staff has afforded us the opportunity to provide more than $200,000 in gifts, toys and meals to thousands of needy individuals in our communities for the last 19 years.

Washington, D.C.

11413 Isaac Newton Square South
Reston, VA 20190

Phone: (703) 841-5200


  • Kevin Sharkey

    Vice President & General Manager

    (703) 841-7007

  • Chris E. Jahrling

    Vice President & General Manager, Turner Federal Services

    (703) 841-7035

  • Mark Terhar

    Vice President & Operations Manager, Maryland

    (410) 715-7240

  • Paul Denehy

    Vice President & Senior Operations Manager

    (703) 841-7069

  • R. Jeff Burnham

    Vice President & Manager of Business Development

    (703) 841-5252

  • Jim L. Lears

    Special Projects Division Manager

    (202) 448-5383

  • Suzanne M. Fuda

    Senior Director of Human Resources

    (703) 841-7017

  • Yeny Eggener

    Human Resources Director

    (703) 841-7043

  • Mike Whearty

    Technical Services Manager

    (703) 841-7076

  • Carolyn Ellison

    Community & Citizenship

    (703) 841-7090

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