Washington, D.C.

The Turner School of Construction Management for small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses is the oldest community outreach program in Turner’s history.  Initiated in 1969, the program has since become an opportunity to develop strategic business relationships with minority and women-owned firms. Today, the Turner School of Construction Management is offered in more than 30 of Turner’s offices nationwide.

The Turner School of Construction Management Advantage

Attending the Turner School of Construction Management provides subcontractors with the following advantages:

  • Meet other MWBE’s that have similar experiences
  • Develop a relationship with Turner Construction and learn how to do business with a larger general contractor
  • Develop a relationship with the partners of the Turner School
  • Enhance your managerial, technical and administrative expertise
  • Learn how to make your company more visible to larger contractors in order to be more competitive for winning subcontracts
  • Students gain access to Turner’s Online University for additional courses
  • Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion which can be sent to contractors to verify that you are a qualified subcontractor
  • After graduation, Turner School participants will be invited to participate in  Turner’s Graduate School of Construction Management which covers more advance topics such as Building Information Modeling, LEAN and Sustainable Construction as well as more detailed insight on how to succeed as a MWBE contractor

    Washington, D.C.

    11413 Isaac Newton Square South
    Reston, VA 20190

    Phone: (703) 841-5200


    • Kevin Sharkey

      Vice President & General Manager

      (703) 841-7007

    • Chris E. Jahrling

      Vice President & General Manager, Turner Federal Services

      (703) 841-7035

    • Mark Terhar

      Vice President & Operations Manager, Maryland

      (410) 715-7240

    • Paul Denehy

      Vice President & Senior Operations Manager

      (703) 841-7069

    • R. Jeff Burnham

      Vice President & Manager of Business Development

      (703) 841-5252

    • Jim L. Lears

      Special Projects Division Manager

      (202) 448-5383

    • Suzanne M. Fuda

      Senior Director of Human Resources

      (703) 841-7017

    • Yeny Eggener

      Human Resources Director

      (703) 841-7043

    • Mike Whearty

      Technical Services Manager

      (703) 841-7076

    • Carolyn Ellison

      Community & Citizenship

      (703) 841-7090

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