Turner Construction Company to Hold 16th Annual Safety Stand-Down

September 14, 2020

Turner Construction Company kicks-off this year’s 16th Annual Safety Stand-Down this week, September 14-18, with the theme, "Be Safe, Accountable, and Relentless."

Across the company, 110,000 colleagues, trade partners, clients, and friends on 1,500 projects will actively engage in stand-downs and toolbox talks to reinforce the importance of making a personal commitment to safety.

We will stop work on all Turner jobsites around the world on Monday, September 14th as we hold our 16th annual international company-wide Safety Stand-Down. Our theme this year is “Be Safe, Accountable, and Relentless.” Be accountable and relentless to create the right environment, actively care for others, maintain an environment free from bias motivated events and possible hate crimes, speak up when we see something and create an incident and injury free jobsite. We also will have huddles to discuss mental health awareness.

It takes Every Person, Every Day to keep everyone safe. It takes Every Person, Every Day to keep everyone safe, which will be done through upholding the four principles of Turner’s safety culture — All Injuries are Preventable; Perform a Job Only if it is Safe; Working Safely is a Condition of Employment; Practice and Expect Safe Behavior Everywhere, Every Day.

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