Turner Ranked Among USA’s Most Attractive Employers

August 07, 2020

Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce that this year the firm ranked #30 among USA’s Most Attractive Employers by Universum for engineering students. Turner also ranked #26 among engineering students and #36 among diverse engineering students at the company's Tier 1 and 2 universities.

“The continued success we have had is due to the efforts of a large number of people engaged in campus recruiting,” said Turner's Senior Director of Recruiting, Kathleen Igoe. “Thank you to all the students who voted for us. It’s a great honor being recognized.”

About Universum’s Most Attractive Employer Survey
Universum is a global employer branding consulting firm whose flagship piece of research is the Most Attractive Employer Survey. The survey and list of employers is 100% student driven. Each year, they survey more than one million students globally to find out what they are seeking in a potential employer and which employers are the most desirable.

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