Turner Construction Company Holds Annual Community Service Blitz

May 01, 2018

Turner employees around the world will celebrate the company’s 116th anniversary—and honor its long history of community engagement—by joining together with neighbors and friends to complete more than 11,600 hours of community service projects in one day

Employees in Turner Construction Company’s offices around the world will join forces with local charities and organizations for their annual Founders’ Day of community service on May 4. 

The company’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of its people, customers and community is rooted in the belief that service is an essential part of good corporate citizenship. In that spirit, Turner employees will set out to make a difference in their community, with outreach activities that include repairing homes, cleaning parks, delivering meals to the elderly, cooking food for veterans, feeding the homeless, connecting with kids who are battling serious illnesses, and more. 

“There are many ways to be a good neighbor,” said Karen Sweeney, senior vice president of Community and Citizenship. “Every day we work to improve communities through the buildings we build. We also participate in a wide variety of programs to make positive difference in other ways – through engaging students and promoting education, feeding and caring for the neediest among us, supporting military service members, and promoting and partnering with local businesses. Our Founders’ Day service is a continuation of those ongoing outreach efforts and it brings us all together to give back—wherever we are. We’re on track to mark this 116th anniversary with 11,600 hours of service. It makes a powerful statement about who we are as a company and collectively, we are proud and excited to be rolling up our sleeves together again this year.”

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