Turner Holds Annual Safety Stand-Down May 8, 2017

May 08, 2017

Turner stops work on 1,000 jobsites around the world to deliver an important safety message to 50,000 trade contractors and industry partners

Turner Construction Company will hold their annual Safety Stand-Down Monday, May 8, stopping work on more than 1,000 projects around the world to engage trade contractors on safety topics related to this year’s theme, Coaching and Practicing Critical Safe Behavior.

Stand-Down presentations will focus on reducing the most common causes of jobsite incidents – such as slips, trips, and falls – by practicing a number of key safety behaviors deemed critical, and by fostering a culture of active caring. In a culture of active caring, all project team members are empowered to stop work and give constructive feedback to their colleagues if they observe at-risk behavior. And all team members are gracious when receiving feedback, recognizing that it reflects respect, care, and a commitment to mutual responsibility.

“More than six million people go to work on a construction site every day in the United States, and this year they’ll complete in excess of $1 trillion of construction,” said Cindy DePrater, Turner vice president of Environmental Health and Safety. “Our annual Safety Stand-Down is an opportunity to gather and reaffirm our collective commitment to sending every one of those workers home safe every day. It is also a valuable opportunity to thank them, and recognize them for their continued dedication to safety and health. Letting our workers and partners know we care about their safety, health, and wellbeing is an important part of our safety program, Building L.I.F.E, which stands for living injury free every day.”

Click here for a quick video about creating a culture of active caring.

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