Turner International Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

October 30, 2015

Turner International celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 28th with a dinner in New York City. Guests came from more than 20 countries; staff were in attendance from every region; and retirees from every decade came to celebrate. 

The night began with cocktails and socializing, and ended with a dinner celebrating the past 50 years and honoring Nick Billotti, chairman of Turner International. Also honored were his three predecessors, former presidents Bob Kupfer, Frank Voci, and Bob Nilsson; Peter Steiner, who was once part owner of Turner International; and Ali Odeh, chairman & CEO of Turner International Middle East. Both Nick Billotti and Abrar Sheriff, president & CEO, presided over the night. 

A wonderful night was had by all! You can view a video from the event by clicking here, or visit our Facebook album to view photos from the evening.

Pictured: Peter Steiner, Nick Billotti, Peter Davoren, and Abrar Sheriff

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