The Unveiling and Dedication of the Holocaust Memorial

June 03, 2014

Where were you on January 30, 1933?

It was on this day Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany marking the beginning of the Holocaust.

Most of us can say this was before our time, and that is why this memorial is so significant. It is difficult to remember something so long ago or fathom something so tragic; however it is important to remember the dignity of human kind.  It is important to remember so our younger generations realize the cruelty evil can have over humanity. It is important to remember how this happened so that it may remind us to never let it happen again.  It is important to remember the lives that were lost and the liberators that fought for freedom. This message was underscored by dignitaries and Holocaust survivors during the somber dedication ceremony of the Ohio Holocaust and Liberators Memorial, which took place June 2, 2014.

With nearly 2,000 attending the dedication, profound remarks given by the world renowned architect and Memorial designer Daniel Libeskind were especially moving.  Born of survivors of the Holocaust, this memorial means a lot to Mr. Libeskind. He spoke about the significance of hope this memorial represents and to not take for granted our liberty and freedom. Ohio Governor John R. Kasich closed the dedication expressing how there must be a seismic shift on how we look at human beings and stand against evil.  

Built of bronze, granite and limestone, the memorial is constructed with tablets etched with longitude and latitude lines representing a threatened world fractured and broken apart. In remembrance of millions who perished in the Holocaust, “The Star of David creates a light of the sky to look up at and remember all the values we do share.” Daniel Libeskind.  Hope and liberation, through a story told from survivor Michael Schwartz, is also etched in the bronze panels. 

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