Turner Construction Company Manages Guinness-Record-Setting Continuous Concrete Pour at the Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles

March 05, 2014

Nation’s largest general contractor successfully pours more than 2,100 loads of concrete to complete historic hotel foundation in 18 ½ hours

Turner Construction Company is proud to announce that after extensive pre-planning and coordination, and much anticipation, the project team at the Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles, achieved their goal and set a new Guinness World Record for longest continuous concrete pour.

Beginning at 4:45pm on Saturday, February 15, and throughout the next 18 ½ hours, more than 200 trucks made up to 14 trips each to deliver the 21,200 cubic yards – 82 million pounds – of concrete for the tower’s foundation. When the pour was complete, on Sunday, February 16, the Guinness World Records confirmed the record-setting accomplishment.

Scott Borland, vice president and construction executive offered two explanations, “A typical sequenced pour on a similar project would occur over weeks. With a continuous pour, we saved time, and because we poured at once, rather than in segments, we were able to create an incredibly strong foundation for this iconic tower.” He continued, “This was truly collaboration and the World Record achievement is a shared one. I couldn’t be prouder of our people for meeting the unique challenges of this work.”

At 73 stories, the historic Wilshire Grand will be the tallest building west of the Mississippi, and feature 900 guest rooms, conference areas, offices and amenities including a swimming pool and terrace on the top floor. It is scheduled for completion in 2017.

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