Madison Square Garden Transformation

August 13, 2012

Fans and patrons who attend events at Madison Square Garden this fall will notice many changes to the World’s Most Famous Arena.  More comfortable seating, dramatically improved sight-lines – seats at the upper levels will be moved approximately three rows forward bringing spectators 10 feet closer to the action –  new, food and beverage concessions, added retail locations, added restrooms, and open city views from upper levels will be some of the notable differences. Beginning in the fall, the transformed space will also include a visual retrospective that wraps around the arena, showcasing many of the legendary and important scenes from sports, music, politics, and entertainment, which have taken place at the Garden.

Though Turner works year-round at Madison Square Garden, the off-season months during the summer are the company’s most critical construction time. A large Turner team and an average of 1,600 subcontractors per day worked around the clock, seven days a week during the summer months last year. The schedule and large scope of work that must be completed for this fall’s sports season means that this summer is no different; at the peak of construction there were more than 2,200 people on site working to meet aggressive schedule milestones.
The Turner team uses technology, including a program called TCCOeManager – developed in-house on the Madison Square Garden project by an engineer working on the project – to facilitate efficient communication between project stake holders, and manage the change order process. The program streamlines and automates a wide variety of operations, including generation of potential change orders, transmission of requests for information, collection of daily construction reports and transmission of notice of change letters to the owner. The program also has functionality to improve communication with subcontractors; it generates digital work directives and automatically creates and calculates subcontractor work tickets.

Despite immersion in the fast-paced work of this summer’s phase, the Turner team at Madison Square Garden is already looking forward to the final off-season work phase, which will include construction of two sky-bridges which will offer unique and dramatic views of the action, an expanded entrance, remodeled suites, a center-hung scoreboard, and a restoration of The Garden’s iconic ceiling.

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