Turner Construction Company Appoints Mark Boyle to Chief Procurement Officer

November 30, 2011

Turner Construction Company announced that Mark Boyle, Senior Vice President has been appointed to the role of Chief Procurement Officer for the company.

Drawing on his years of experience in purchasing, risk management and operations, Mark will work closely with Peter Davoren, President and Chief Executive Officer and the company’s senior leadership team to expand the company’s procurement organization and increase both internal and external collaboration to provide enhanced value to our customers. 

As Mark assumes these duties, he will continue to provide leadership for the company in the area of Global Sourcing. Mark will lead the company’s efforts to strengthen key national and international supplier relationships while collaborating with our local purchasing activities.

Mark joined the company in 1986 as a Field Engineer in New York. Mark joined the purchasing department in 1992 and in 1994 was promoted to Purchasing Manager. He then served the company as Project Executive and as Manager of Business Development. Mark was promoted to Vice President and led the Turner Casualty & Surety department in 2000. Mark was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2005 and later led Turner Logistics' activities before launching Turner’s Global Sourcing group last year.

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