South Shore Hospital Expansion

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project at a glance

South Shore Hospital's two-story overbuild of the existing three-story Messina building, consisted of a modernized upgrade to the facility's design, including shell space and mechanical space on the fourth-floor and an ICU suite on the fifth-floor. Equipped with the latest technology and the ability to easily maneuver around the bedside, allows for nurses and doctors to better perform their job, while providing a high level of care and comfort to the patients.
The design approach to the 24-bed unit was to bring bright natural light into large family-friendly patient rooms. The soothing colors, relaxed ambiance, and spaciousness encourage a positive and calm feeling for both the patients and staff members. Additional features include an elevator with direct public access to the ICU, in an effort to reduce potential stress for visitors. The family lounge and kitchenette areas, as well as the pull-out furniture in patient rooms, emphasize the importance of family members being physically there for their loved ones. 
This expansion is part of one of the hospital’s biggest fundraising efforts called “Mission Critical” where they are continuing to grow their facility, areas of care, and improve their ranking.   
Photography credit: Jesse Shauffer | SmithGroup

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