New Jersey Public Health, Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory Facilities

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The five-story, 200,000 square foot Health, Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory provides a secure, central facility for multiple agencies to perform work in support of public health and environmental programs and includes a mix of functional areas--including 45,000 square feet of office and collaboration space--to support the agency's strategic goals.

Approximately 150,000 square feet are dedicated to specialized laboratories, including Biological Safety Level II and Level III laboratories with appropriate design and infrastructure to safely handle select agents and pathogens. Specialized laboratory equipment permanently installed in the facility includes biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, environmental rooms for the stabile storage of samples and a biokill system for the safe disposal of liquid effluent from the Level III spaces.

A plant science lab "greenhouse" provides facilities for evaluation and prevention studies with the capability to support testing of environmental resources. The facility was designed to provide security from both internal and external perspectives, including a pre-screening facility for the triage of unknown materials. Access Control was provided for both the site and facility, and separation of public and secure functions are maintained. The facility included access controlled parking for 350 employee spaces and 50 visitor spaces.

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