Lafayette College Sullivan Road Residences

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project at a glance

The project consisted of four new dormitories - Kamine for first-year students, and Rubin, Fisher East and Fisher West for upperclass students - which total 95,000 square feet and provide housing for 316 students.  All four buildings are masonry-supported structures with precast plank floors and roofs.  The total complex includes 126 single-occupancy rooms and 95 double-occupancy rooms arranged in 43 suites.  A partial basement in the first building houses a central utility plant and the interiors include both masonry-bearing walls and non-bearing walls.  Plastic laminate casework is included in each apartment and common space. The floor finishes include a mix of vinyl floor tile, ceramic tile, and carpet.  The buildings form a quadrangle around a new, landscaped common area. 


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