World Trade Center Transportation Hub

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The World Trade Center Transportation Hub is a multi-story, 800,000 square foot transit terminal designed by Santiago Calatrava that includes a lower concourse, an upper (balcony) concourse, a public waiting area, and extensive retail and restaurants.

The innovative design, supported by 900 tons of steel, features 150-foot-high, glass and steel retractable wings that will allow natural light to pass through to the rail platforms 60 feet below street level. The Transportation Hub provides indoor pedestrian access to World Financial Center, PATH, New York City Subways, and the proposed direct rail line to John F. Kennedy International Airport. It also improves access to Hudson River Ferries at World Financial Center.

Infrastructure work included demolition and removal of damaged sub grade structures, underpinning of New York City Subway tunnels, and excavation to make way for the new indoor pedestrian connections. The wooden tie and ballast track system was replaced with a direct fixation concrete track bed. Three station platforms were restored to accommodate 10-car PATH trains and an additional fourth platform and a temporary track were built to allow for service during phased construction.

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