US Cellular Field Additions and Renovations

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project at a glance

US Cellular Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Chicago White Sox received a five phase renovation and addition over multiple seasons. The first phase includes relocating bullpen areas, the addition of approximately 3,000 seats along both the first and third baselines as well as in the outfield, expansion of the picnic/party area beneath the right field stands, addition of approximately 1,000 seats along the two baselines and a 3,000 square foot expansion of the right field picnic area, as well as minor improvements beneath the outfield stands.


Phase two of the project includes significant renovations to the batter’s eye in center field, including an additional 9,500 square feet of open area on the Main Concourse along with planters and a screen mesh wall.  The Main Concourse received updated brick and plaster facades, an updated ceiling, lighting, paint and other finishes as well as upgraded concession stands and novelty kiosks.  The Club Level was enclosed with high-end flooring, wall coverings and ceiling finishes and a sports bar was created in the left field corner.  Wayfinding signage was installed throughout the Main Concourse and Club Levels as a part of this addition throughout this phase of the project.


The third phase of this project includes an updated façade cladding at the outfield section of the main concourse; including new brick column wraps, plaster accents, and metal panel work.  Upgraded concession areas were completed and a freestanding concession building was constructed at centerfield.  A brick and plaster building was completed with an observation deck at roof overlooking centerfield.  Additionally the upper deck concourse at the 500 level received new façade cladding that involved brick columns, metal panels, concession canopies and lighting.  Completion of upgrades at club level corridors and lobbies includes ceilings, lighting, storefronts and new HVAC work along with painting and concrete staining inside the seating areas, painting of the outfield decorative steel and roof canopy.


Phase four involves the removal of 8 rows of seating, the installation structural steel truss canopy over the entire 86,000 square foot roof area along with the 26,000 square foot renovation of Chicago White Sox administrative offices.  During this phase of the project three lower suite balconies were also renovated and associated signage and sound system upgrades were completed. 


The final phase of the project includes renovations of the 16,500 square foot, three-level Fundamentals Deck that houses kid's events and developmental baseball activities - a wiffle ball field, batting and pitching cages, and base-running area. Tie-ins to the club level and 500 level upper concourse were also provided.  This phase also included the addition of Scout Seats just behind home plate along with some capital improvements including the re-roofing of concession buildings at the main level, outfield concourse and work at Parking lots G, A, B and C to bring them up to new city code with wrought iron fencing, berms and plantings.

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