Medical Equipment Planning and Management

Medical and Research Solutions is focused on the four fundamental factors in successful equipment management: 
  • Creating a clinically appropriate Equipment Plan
  • Managing a comprehensive and competitive  strategy to Procure  the equipment within budget
  • Managing the process to Place all equipment in the facility while avoiding delays and additional costs
  • Transition and Relocation Model including a comprehensive move plan that is focused on organization, communication, coordination, control and accountability
  • Turner MRS applies Tools and  techniques of construction management to the complexities of medical,equipment procurement, coordination and installation on medical construction projects.
We understand what it takes to accomplish this and believe that engaging Turner MRS for these services will allow the existing hospital staff to do what they do best every day….support and deliver high quality patient care.

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  • Project Engineer

    Manage and supervise at a project level all engineering and administrative policies, procedures and functions. Coordinate with project field operations to ensure transfer of information is delivered, understood and implemented.

    SOMERSET, NJ 08873

  • Estimating Engineer

    Prepares detailed estimates for the project based on various levels of documents from Conceptual to Construction drawings and specifications. Ability to create detailed analysis studies of building systems and materials across all CSI codes. In the performance of this function, the Estimating Engineer is responsible for the communication of bids and scopes of work to supervisors.   Excellent excel skills a must, BIM experience is preferred.

    SOMERSET, NJ 08873

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