Fraud Alert

Please be aware of spoof e-mails and fake job postings that appear to be from well-known companies, including Turner Construction Company. To bait you, an e-mail or job posting may offer you an immediate employment opportunity, then ask you to submit personal information or give you direction to begin work immediately. These fake emails and job postings are an attempt to gain your private information through fraudulent methods.

Please note Turner Construction Company does not make offers of employment prior to completion of a thorough hiring process, which includes a face-to-face interview. The company does not request any type of payment from the candidate during the hire process.

If you have received an offer of employment and you have not participated in a face-to-face interview with Turner Construction Company, the correspondence you received is fraudulent and should be disregarded.

Individuals should exercise caution if they receive unexplained checks payable to them and that appear to be coming from Turner Construction Company or appear to be drawn upon a Turner Construction Company bank account.

Turner does not typically send checks to anyone unless the company is doing business with that individual.

Turner has seen many cases when the check received by a person is not genuine, and it is often a fraudulent device designed to steal the recipient's identity - and even their funds.

Never deposit any check into your bank account unless you are sure it is genuine.

Payment Instructions 
Turner has become aware of efforts by third-parties to illegally obtain payments through fraudulent emails or other forms of communication to provide new and different payment instructions. Please do not act upon or accept any request to change the payment instructions specified in your contract with Turner unless the communication comes directly from a Vice President of Turner in writing by regular mail and you follow up with a phone call to Turner at a number you know to be accurate. 

Protecting Your Identity
Click here to access information and resources to help protect yourself from and respond to incidents of identity theft.

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