At Turner we are committed to green building and sustainability. We emphasize education and training for all Turner staff and work to improve our ability to deliver green buildings to our clients. We strive to make Turner an ever more sustainable company through improved corporate governance and more rigorous and transparent reporting of environmental metrics.  

Turner Sustainability Policies

Train our People
Turner provides green building training to employees and encourages employee to attain LEED Professional accreditation. Turner has 1,400 LEED accredited professionals.

Reduce and Recycle Construction Waste
Since 2005, we have diverted more than 1.5 million tons of construction waste from landfills.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Turner achieved a five percent, absolute reduction in our corporate greenhouse gas emissions between 2006 and 2011.

Seek LEED Certification for Turner Offices
Turner has achieved LEED certification of 16 offices, representing 400,000 square feet of space.

Green Field Offices and Activities
Turner has a set of sustainability standards for our offices and jobsites, including a site-specific Indoor Air Quality plan, a Construction Waste Management plan and a Construction Activity Pollution Prevention plan.

Report Environmental Performance
Turner publicly reports on our environmental performance.

Research and Share Green Building Information
Turner conducts research, pilot projects and case studies to support the development and implementation of new technology and best practice.

Promote a Culture of Safety
We recognize the right of our employees to a safe and healthy workplace. Turner’s culture embraces the principle of Building L.I.F.E. (Living Injury Free Everyday) with an expectation that all projects provide the safest workplace possible for our employees, contractors, clients and the community.


  • Peter Davoren

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    (212) 229-6313

  • Nick Billotti

    Executive Vice President

    (212) 229-6403

  • Pat Di Filippo

    Executive Vice President

    (212) 229-6207

  • Richard Homan

    Executive Vice President

    (513) 721-4224

  • Karen Gould

    Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    (212) 229-6296

  • Mark Boyle

    Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer
    (201) 644-2521

  • Tom Gerlach

    Senior Vice President
    (206) 505-6610

  • Michael Kuntz

    Senior Vice President
    (215) 496-8800

  • Lars Leitner

    Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
    (212) 229-6052

  • Chris McFadden

    Vice President, Communications
    (212) 229-6145

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