Management Team

Peter J. Davoren
President and Chief Executive Officer

Peter joined Turner in 1978 after graduating from Pratt Institute. Peter’s first assignment was as a field engineer on the Brigham and Women's Hospital project in Boston. He moved to New York in 1980 and has held a wide variety of assignments in the delivery and management of Turner’s work. 

Peter was appointed president of Turner in 2003 and chief executive officer in 2004. 

  • Pat A. Di Filippo
    Executive Vice President

    Pat Di Filippo is an executive vice president of Turner Construction Company with responsibility for Turner’s offices in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and the New England states. Additionally, Pat is responsible for managing Turner's partial ownership of  E.E. Cruz, a New York City based heavy construction company.

    Pat began his career with Turner in New York in 1984 and progressed through a variety of assignments and in 1998 he was promoted to vice president. In 2003, Pat was promoted to senior vice president with responsibility for Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. In 2005, Pat returned to New York as executive vice president of Turner’s New York, New York Interiors, Albany and New Jersey operations. 

    Richard P. Homan
    Executive Vice President

    Rich Homan is an executive vice president of Turner Construction Company with responsibility for Turner's offices in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan. 

    Rich joined Turner as an assistant engineer in the company’s Cincinnati office in 1981. Rich progressed through a variety of assignments in the office and field. He was promoted to Manager of Turner’s Cincinnati Special Projects Division in 1994. In 2003, Rich was named Vice President and General Manager of Turner’s Cincinnati office. Rich has served the company as Senior Vice President since June, 2010.

    • Michael J. Kuntz
      Executive Vice President
      Mike Kuntz is an executive vice president of Turner Construction Company with responsibility for global sales and the market segment groups, and serves as the senior leader for the Southwest, Northern California, and Northwest regions. Mike joined the company in 1987 as an assistant superintendent in Boston. Mike was promoted to vice president and director of the Pharmaceutical Group in 1998. In 2003, Mike was named vice president and general manager of the Philadelphia office. In 2010, Mike was promoted to senior vice president responsible for global sales and the market segment groups and in 2013 Mike expanded his leadership to additionally serve as the senior leader for the Southwest, Northern California, and Northwest regions.

      Karen O. Gould
      Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
      Karen Gould is a senior vice president and the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Turner Construction Company. As the leader of Turner’s finance organization; Karen is responsible for building upon the finance teams’ strengths and keeping them consistent with the company’s focus and commitment towards people and customer service. In addition, Karen is responsible for maintaining the company’s strong balance sheet and providing strategic evaluations of growth opportunities and creating value for stakeholders.  

      Abrar Sheriff
      Senior Vice President; Chief Executive Officer of Turner International

      Abrar Sheriff is the president and CEO of Turner International with responsibility for all Turner projects outside the United States and Canada, including focused regional operations in Southeast Asia, Europe, India, and Latin America.
      Abrar joined the company in 1997 and advanced through a variety of assignments in the office and the field before assuming a senior leadership role in Texas. Following his tenure in Texas, Abrar joined Turner International in 2011 as Chief Operating Officer, and in 2013, was promoted to president & CEO.  


    • Richard C. Bach
    • Mark A. Boyle
    • Charles T. Buuck
    • Rory C. DeJohn
    • Stephen W. Fort
    • Thomas B. Gerlach, Jr.
    • Karen O. Gould

    • Shannon W. Hines
    • Saro J. LaScala
    • Lars Leitner
    • Nicholas T. Makes
    • Thomas J. Manahan, Jr.
    • Edward V. McNeill
    • Charles F. Murphy

    • Bernard P. Newton
    • Michael E. O'Brien
    • Mathew A. Papenfus
    • Thomas V. Reilly
    • Abrar Sheriff
    • Hilton O. Smith
    • Karen A. Sweeney


    • Kenneth R. Alabiso
    • W. Howard Allums
    • Christa E. Andresky
    • Charles D. Avolio
    • Lisa A. Ballantyne
    • Kristan Barnard
    • James P. Barrett
    • Vincent J. Bartoli
    • G. Christopher Beck
    • Nicholas E. Billotti
    • Gary A. Birdsall
    • Timothy J. Bischoff
    • Richard A. Blair
    • Scott V. Borland
    • Mark J. Breslin
    • James Brownrigg
    • Michael Bruynesteyn
    • R. Jeffrey Burnham 
    • Joseph R. Byrne
    • Maja B. Cesljevic
    • Jerry A. Crawford
    • Daniel J. Cronin
    • Frank DaiZovi
    • Brent F. Davila
    • Michael H. Deane 
    • Jasper J. DeFazio
    • Rosemarie Demonte
    • Paul A. Denehy
    • Ronald W. Denny
    • Mark L. Dent
    • Cindy DePrater
    • John de Ruiter
    • John P. Dewine
    • Carlo A. DiSilvestro
    • Michael W. Doner
    • Michael J. Doring
    • Kevin E. Dow
    • Mary E. Edrehi
    • James M. Fraser
    • George R. Gaughan
    • Daniel R. Gemme
    • Joseph P. Glowacki
    • Robert M. Goworek
    • Frank Gramarossa
    • John H. Greenip
    • Grant M. Griffanti
    • John Gromos
    • Peter G. Hamill 
    • Daniel P. Harmon
    • Harvey L. Hirst II
    • David B. Hiskey
    • Scott H. Holbrook 
    • Meaghan E. Hooper-Berdik
    • Denny J. Humbel
    • Mark J. Iammarino
    • Christian E. Jahrling
    • Kenneth M. Jones
    • Michael J. Kaiman
    • Benjamin H. Kaplan
    • Danny L. Kavanaugh
    • Clifford P. Kazmierczak
    • Randy W. Keiser
    • Maureen Kirkpatrick
    • Kevin R. King
    • Jeffrey A. Klinger
    • Victoria S. Klopfenstein
    • Warren J. Kudman 
    • Kent C. Kunkel
    • Sam Latona
    • Joseph C. Lazzaro
    • Darryl L. Levine
    • Cheryl L. Leweke
    • Timothy J. Logan
    • Jeffrey L. Loyall
    • Edward A. Magnani
    • David J. Masel
    • Vincent J. Massucci
    • Matthew S. McCabe
    • Kathleen R. McCartney
    • Christopher A. McFadden
    • D. Lee McSparran
    • Mark E. Meranda 
    • Gregory J. Mersch
    • Joseph Milicia
    • R. Steven Mills
    • Brian J. Mooney
    • Gregory A. Mulac
    • Brendan W. Murphy
    • Michael J. Murphy
    • Gary J. Negrycz
    • Jayne M. O’Donnell
    • Donald R. Oshiro
    • Thomas J. Paci
    • Jairam Panch
    • Paul M. Parmentola
    • Rodney Pope
    • Mark J. Pulsfort
    • Michael J. Raftery
    • Norbert J. Rahm
    • David S. Reaves
    • Attilio Rivetti
    • David C. Robinson
    • Mark P. Romanski
    • Kyle E. Rooney
    • R. Bruce Ruthven
    • Gregory G. Ryan
    • Gregg D. Scholler
    • Kevin R. Sharkey
    • H. Benjamin Short
    • Mark A. Simonides
    • Kavinder Singh
    • Gregory T. Smith
    • Stephen J. Spaulding
    • Tomasz M. Stachowiak
    • Dave Steffens
    • David Steinert
    • Carl E. Stewart III
    • Arturo V. Taboada
    • Mark A. Terhar
    • John A. Thomann
    • Daniel Von Kossovsky
    • Nicholas F. Walsh
    • David C. Welber
    • Thomas F. Woeste
    • Valerie J. Wolfe
    • Christopher J. Zegler


    • Peter Davoren

      President and Chief Executive Officer

      (212) 229-6313

    • Pat Di Filippo

      Executive Vice President

      (212) 229-6207

    • Richard Homan

      Executive Vice President

      (513) 721-4224

    • Michael Kuntz

      Executive Vice President
      (609) 760-0538

    • Karen Gould

      Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

      (212) 229-6296

    • Abrar Sheriff

      Senior Vice President; CEO of Turner International
      (212) 229-6080

    • Mark Boyle

      Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer
      (201) 644-2521

    • Tom Gerlach

      Senior Vice President
      (206) 505-6610

    • Lars Leitner

      Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
      (212) 229-6052

    • Chris McFadden

      Vice President, Communications
      (212) 229-6145

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