Turner recognizes the importance of innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
The process of building a company and a workforce for the future requires tremendous adaptability and vision. A key element of our company vision is to develop and embrace emerging technologies and processes. As part of our effort to achieve this vision, Turner fosters a culture where employees share their ideas and engagement with one another to develop innovative ideas as well as evaluate and implement improvements at Turner.

The company holds an annual Innovation Summit to bring together employees to share and collaborate on best practices, engage with each other and representatives from industry organizations, and leverage their collective knowledge to drive innovation and the continuous improvement process at Turner. The Turner Innovation Summit features presentations, workshops, and hands-on training sessions led by Turner employees and industry leaders. Sessions focus on practical improvements, emerging technologies and process solutions, with topics that range from 3D printing, and modularization to Lean process improvement, project collaboration and the application of advanced technologies for better project results in areas of cost, quality, and safety.

To accelerate the generation and development of innovative ideas as well as the evaluation and implementation of improvements at Turner, the company has an Innovation group, which helps coordinate and support efforts to generate and develop ideas that can help transform our company and our industry. This group is charged with keeping our company at the forefront of innovation in order to create greater value for our clients and partners. 


  • Peter Davoren

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    (212) 229-6313

  • Pat Di Filippo

    Executive Vice President

    (212) 229-6207

  • Michael Kuntz

    Executive Vice President

    (212) 229-6373

  • Tom Gerlach

    Executive Vice President
    (212) 229-6060

  • Karen Gould

    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    (212) 229-6296

  • Tom Reilly

    Executive Vice President

    (703) 841-5200

  • Abrar Sheriff

    Executive Vice President; President & CEO of Turner International
    (212) 229-6080

  • Mark Boyle

    Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer
    (201) 644-2521

  • Lars Leitner

    Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
    (212) 229-6052

  • Stephen Fort

    Senior Vice President

    (312) 327-2813

  • Matt Papenfus

    Senior Vice President

    (214) 721-8400

  • Chris McFadden

    Vice President, Communications
    (212) 229-6145

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