Turner Bay Area partners with American Heart Association to promote Hands-Only CPR training

June 22, 2017

Led by Lisa Ballantyne, vice president and general manager, Turner Bay Area recently partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) for the Hard Hats for Hearts initiative to promote Hands-Only CPR training for the workforce in Northern California. Turner alone has trained more than 1,000 workers so far, approximately one third of the American Heart Association’s total goal for Northern California.

“Each year, more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur in and out of hospital settings in the United States,” said Lisa, emphasizing that while not everyone is at the same risk for a cardiac event—many people have a genetic predisposition, for example, or suffer from another health condition that increases the likelihood of a problem—a heart attack can happen to anyone. “Statistics show that if CPR is performed within the first few minutes, it can double or even triple a person’s chances of survival. It has been incredible to see Turner lead an initiative, engaging our competitors and prime trade partners throughout the region, in a wellness topic that could save a life whether at home or on the jobsite.”

Turner piloted the training program on three projects: Children's Hospital Oakland, Tolman Hall, and Intel Bowers, with safety managers Richard Bowles and Joel Vega taking the lead. Following that successful pilot, they rolled out the training to the remainder of the region’s project sites. 

“Recent studies have shown not only that chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth are more successful, hands-only CPR is also simpler and less intimidating to the practitioners than traditional CPR,” added Lisa. “With that in mind, Turner’s Northern California team will continue to drive this initiative until all our workers have been trained in hands-only CPR.   Remember: push hard and fast, and ‘know it, push it, feel it!’ Armed with the knowledge from this training, you have the potential to save someone’s life."

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