Turner Selected to Manage Hotel and Spa Development on Turkey's Mediterranean Coast

April 13, 2015

Turner was recently selected to manage construction of a multi-building hotel and spa development at Kaplankaya, remotely located 80 kilometers north of Bodrum on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

“This is a huge win for us in a construction market as competitive as Turkey’s,” said Mehmet Genc, project manager. He continued, “The project location is highly remote – the nearest bank branch or café is more than an hour away driving on village roads – and those conditions make this a very challenging project. I’m proud of everyone on our team for taking a role in what we are trying to do here.”

The development is composed of two high-end hotel residential complexes; Canyon Ranch is a spa and wellness hotel with 74 rooms, 66 individual garden suites, and 154 villas scheduled for completion in 2016 and another hotel and residential complex made up of 46 hotel villas, 10 private villas, spa facilities, a clubhouse, and other amenities. 

Added Mehmet, “I am confident we will deliver a high quality project for the client. This will assist us with expanding our presence in Turkey, hopefully increasing our chances of securing other projects and positioning us to increase our local resources and create opportunities for our people.”

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