Combined Communication & Control Center

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The Combined Communication and Control Center is the consolidation of several currently independent communication centers located throughout Seattle-Tacoma International Airport facilities. These independent facilities include the Airport Communications Center, the Police Call Center (911), the Alarm Response Monitoring Center and the Emergency Command Center.

Each of these contains telecommunications and electronic systems that support the day-to-day operation and functionality of the center. These include existing “legacy” systems that will be relocated or extended to the new C4, which in conjunction with new telecommunications and electronic systems, will duplicate or enhance the existing operational characteristics of the new facilities.

The new C-4 facilities are located in the basement of the South Terminal Expansion Project. The C4 space is approximately 25,000 square feet and comprises a new ACC, 911 Center and ECC along with a variety of supporting spaces including training areas, equipment rooms, maintenance facilities, operational spaces and core facilities for employee support including toilet, eating, sleeping, and meeting and conference spaces.

The C4 was constructed in the STEP basement as a tenant improvement. Because of the importance of the facilities contained in the C4 space, special attention has been paid to elements such as redundant mechanical and electrical systems, structural integrity and access requirements. The C4 is a multi-disciplinary project that includes general construction, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing and structural traces as well as telecommunication and electronic systems.

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