Franklin & Marshall College, Ann & Richard Barshinger Life Sciences and Philosophy Building

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The Ann and Richard Barshinger Life Sciences and Philosophy Building is a 108,000 square foot, four-level academic building on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College. It serves as the home for the college's philosophy, psychology, and biology departments, as well as their Biological Foundations of Behavior program and Scientific and Philosophical Study of Mind program.
The educational facility contains 11 teaching labs, 17 research labs, nine student research write-up areas, 36 faculty offices, three classrooms, three seminar rooms, a statistics lab, a 120 seat lecture hall, 12 discussion areas, a three-story grand entrance atrium, a humanities common,  a formal philosophy garden, aquatics & plant growth suites, and a 400 square foot computer-controlled greenhouse. These facilities are supported by mechanical and electrical infrastructure including three air handling units, three exhaust air handling units, 22 fume hoods, a new 550-ton chiller and cooling tower, a summer boiler, and a 350-kW generator. 
The building’s façade is brick and limestone with a slate shingle mansard roof, grapevine joints and Victorian punch windows, replicating the appearance of architect Charles Klauder’s earlier designs for the campus.
This project won the General Building Contractors Association Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship in 2008.

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