Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety is an integral part of risk management at Turner. Turner’s history has demonstrated that the more aligned our local business units, subcontractors and partners are with our safety ideal of loss avoidance, the safer and more successful the project outcome.

Building L.I.F.E.® (Living Injury Free Every Day)

Turner’s safety first philosophy is trademarked as Building L.I.F.E.® (Living Injury Free Every Day). The Building L.I.F.E. approach strives to eliminate all worksite incidents through pre-planning construction activities with safety engagement commencing at project pursuit. These standards along with our policies, mandatory safety inspections and approximately 25 training programs have created a comprehensive and effective safety organization. Building L.I.F.E. is supported by four guiding principles:

1)     Injuries are Preventable

2)     Perform a Job Only if it is Safe

3)     Working Safely is a Condition of Employment

4)     Practice and Expect Safe Behavior Everywhere, Every Day.

Standards, Policies and Guidelines

Turner strives to continually improve and identify risk while creating and enforcing the programs to reduce that risk whether through a best practice, new guideline, or policy. This results in a successful track record of bridging the company’s safety standards, with the reality of on-site project operations further supporting and driving the message to all level of field and project staff.

Turner’s support and commitment to safety continues to offer progressive and innovative programs. We are proud to support the Turner family from Building L.I.F.E. to Living LIFE.

Safety Stand-Down

For the past twelve years Turner has held an annual company-wide Safety Stand-Down at every jobsite. Work is suspended as all jobsite staff gather to listen to important themes of safe work practices.

Turner's 12th annual Safety Stand-Down was held on May 2, 2016. The company stopped work on jobsites around the world to deliver an important safety message to 55,000 people on the theme of Building L.I.F.E., Full Engagement.

This year’s company-wide Stand-Down theme of Full Engagement emphasizes our commitment to collectively and pro-actively creating the right environment on our projects, beginning with safety. Stand-Down presentations will focus on the continuous improvement of safety processes and practices, inclusion of trade workers in safety planning and discussions about safety, and recognition of workers who participate proactively and fully in their own safety and the safety of their coworkers. 

Additionally, as in past years, Turner will participate in Industry Safety Week events, which offer additional points of focus—such as fall protection and situational awareness— for conversations about safety.  

“We gather alongside our colleagues, partners, trade contractors and customers to hold these Stand-Downs, to express how deeply we care about the safety of the people who work on our projects. These events provide us with a platform to collectively re-affirm our commitment to safety and to Living Injury Free Every day,” said Cindy DePrater, vice president and national safety director for Turner. She continued, “This year, Turner will complete in excess of $10 billion of construction on 1,500 projects around the world. The stand-downs provide us with an opportunity to pause and promote safe building practices. They also give us an important opportunity to thank and recognize the workers for what they accomplish each and every day.”

Continuous Improvement Safety Videos

To put our philosophy of Full Engagement into practice, we have created videos to help illustrate how to conduct a proper pre-shift safety huddle, how to give constructive and appreciative feedback, and the benefits of the "five worker lunch."



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