In our rapidly evolving industry, it is more important than ever to engage the right expertise and begin collaborating at the right time. We understand that each project poses its own challenges, and work together with our clients to achieve their vision. With an annual construction volume of more than $700 million throughout Ohio, Turner offers extensive experience with a range of delivery methods and agreements, including,
  • Construction Management-at-Risk
  • Construction Management Agency
  • General Contracting
  • Design-Build
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Building Smarter

As construction managers, our building expertise lives in the process. While each delivery method and project challenge us to find innovative solutions, we challenge ourselves everyday to build smarter – more productively and efficiently – to stay at the top of our industry and deliver on our promises to clients. Standard to our process and services, we offer expertise in the following areas:

Many significant decisions are made during the preconstruction phase of a project -- the phase in which budgets, plans, and schedules are set. We view the process as a series of opportunities to anticipate and mitigate risks, add value, and minimize later revisions. Turner uses Building Information Modeling tools as well as other emerging technology to visualize project details, communicate about the project with all team members, and reduce changes down the line.


Virtual Design and Construction and Building Information Modeling improves communication, scope visualization, quantity take-off, and coordination and allows for easy collaboration between designers, subcontractors, and Turner. Our VDC/BIM capabilities reduce change orders, resulting in lower bid costs through increased scope clarity and the ability to prefabricate more components. With this technology, our clients also see optimized schedules, lower project costs, and safer, higher-quality jobsite performance: we’ve accelerated project schedules by months, reduced the time needed to coordinate projects by several weeks, and have nearly eliminated coordination-related field conditions.
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Turner’s culture of lean construction practices is firmwide. We strive to reduce waste and increase efficiency wherever possible, and follow an in-house Lean checklist to ensure our project teams utilize efficient and productive practices, such as early BIM coordination and layout; just-in-time delivery to avoid excess staging material on site; electronic documents in the field and mobile access to BIM models in the field on tablets; dedicated space for onsite laydowns so that the flow of material deliveries is not interrupted; and a “nothing hits the ground” policy for quicker access to tools/materials and to help prevent workplace injuries.
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Turner is committed to the increased adoption and success of green and sustainable construction practices throughout the industry. A co-founder of the US Green Building Council, Turner is a leader in green building - we believe that building sustainably is not only good for the environment, but it also provides immediate and long-term economic benefits for developers, building owners, and occupants. Turner has experience across a wide variety of sustainable construction projects, enabling us to deliver cost-effective green materials, services and suppliers to our clients. 
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Turner’s full-service approach to meeting our client’s needs includes our self-performance capabilities. Unique project requirements and other variables dictate best value delivery to our clients, so Turner self-performs construction work only when it benefits the overall project from a cost, schedule, and quality perspective. Our self-perform abilities and trade work knowledge translates into exceptionally well-managed, properly executed projects, whether or not we self-perform any of the work. 


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